November 21, 2019

Summer EBT program assisting families in COOR ISD school district


NORTHERN MICHIGAN — A supplemental summer food program for families in need of assistance is already helping those in the COOR ISD school district.

Families with children who receive free or reduced price lunches should be receiving an EBT card in the mail with their child’s name on it. According to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Bob Wheaton, this is not an accident. He said families are automatically enrolled in the summer EBT program.

“The people who qualify for this are the people who are able to take part in the free and reduced meal at school,” he said. “Anyone who qualifies should receive the EBT card in the mail.”

Wheaton said parents should follow the directions included with the card in order to activate it in order to receive a monthly stipend to help purchase healthy food for their children.

According to Wheaton the card acts almost identically to a Bridge card. He said there will be $30 automatically added to the card each month, which can be used to purchase nutritious food. Wheaton said the idea behind the program is that it is still important for children to remain sufficiently fed throughout the summer when they aren’t in class.

“The idea is to still have food available for those families that may have more need for food assistance when their kids are not in school,” Wheaton said. “We want to make sure the kids have access to nutritious food during the summer months.”

The program began at the beginning of June and will run until September 2nd.


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