August 18, 2019

Quartermania raises $900 for local food pantry


MIO — A recent quartermania fundraiser has wrapped up, culminating in slightly more than $900 being donated to the Together We Can Food Pantry.

Pantry board member Norma Lyden said this donation will pay for the majority of a truck full of food to be delivered to the community.

“It feels wonderful,” Lyden said. “This will cover almost 75 percent of a truck. … We have the need in the county, so any little bit people can give us helps.”

The fundraiser was held Nov. 17 at Comins Township Hall. It was put on by Rylee Davis, who had previously hosted one of these types of fundraisers in the county for another charitable cause.

“I really wanted to do a second one, because there was a lot of interest out there,” Davis said. “I heard the food pantry needed some help, so I chose them.”

Davis described a quartermania as a fun twist on charity auctions. Unlike normal auctions where item prices grow with each bid, a quartermania mixes in elements of chance.

To participate, attendants must purchase at least one paddle. Each paddle is given a number and that number correlates with a small coin. Depending on how many paddles one has, one can bid on an item that many times. Each bidder’s coins will be put into a drawing for that item. Whoever has the paddle associated with the coin drawn will go home with the item up for bid.

In addition to the main event, Davis said 12 vendors also showed up for participants to do some early holiday shopping. Roughly 50 people showed up to the event in addition to vendors and volunteers. She said when she realized how successful the event had been, she got emotional.

“I cried, it was just amazing,” Davis said. “Honestly, I had a goal of $600 to afford half of a food truck. When I found out we raised more it was just amazing.”

Overall, Lyden said so far the food pantry has been sound in recent months. She said the cash donations have been surprisingly frequent and generous. Lyden said she never expected the amount of community support the pantry receives; however, she’s thankful for it.

The next food distribution will be Nov. 29 from 1-4 p.m. at the county fairgrounds. Davis said she is looking forward to organizing another quartermania event in the first quarter of next year. She said she is still looking for an organization to host the event for next year.


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