Our View: Winter weather clearly shows need to be thankful


The recent bouts of winter storms have given us plenty of snow and ice, but they have also given us plenty of reasons to be thankful to those who protect us and keep us safe.

As snow piled up and temperatures bounced around from near freezing to a deep freeze, businesses, schools and organizations shut their doors for the safety of staff and clientele.

However, despite the weather, there were unsung heroes working behind the scenes.

Times of crisis aren’t limited to only fair weather, and these people answer their calls no matter the situation and are willing to drop everything to keep us safe.

From linemen and utility workers who brave the harshest elements to keep us warm, to police officers and emergency medical crews who handle the public at some of their most desperate moments, there are numerous groups to thank.

The Herald staff witnesses these struggles every day with first-hand accounts of firefighters and road commissions working together to battle high winds and icy roads to extinguish a fire.

It is easy to get so swept up in our lives that we forget the people behind the scenes such as the doctors and nurses who receive the patients brought in by EMS or the dispatchers who ride the waves of countless hours of silence followed by hours of chaos as they collect vital information to pass on to others.

Beyond the public sector, there are for-profit industries that deserve thanks as well, such as the tow truck operators who leave their dinner table or beds to travel and stand alongside busy roads and highways as cars race by in all elements.

As you are out and about in the next few weeks, should your paths cross with people from these fine industries who help maintain our quality of life, take a moment and tell them they are appreciated, needed and respected. Tell them “thank you.”


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