August 20, 2019

Oscoda County Fall 2018 election


Results will be posted throughout the night as they come in. Last updated at 12:40. 

Precincts reporting: 7 of 7

Governor (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Bill Schuette 2,379
Dem Gretchen Whitmer 1,226
Lib Bill Gelineau 41
U.S. Tax Todd Schleiger 51
Green Jennifer V. Kurland 22
N. Law Keith Butkovich 13

Secretary of State (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Mary Treder Lang 2,353
Dem Jocelyn Benson 1,111
Lib Gregory Scott Stempfle 88
U.S. Tax Robert Gale 87

Attorney General (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Tom Leonard 2,415
Dem Dana Nessel 971
Lib Lisa Lane Gioia 73
U.S. Tax Gerald T. Van Sickle 71
NPA Chris Graveline 67

U.S. Senator (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep John James 2,410
Dem Debbie Stabenow 1,221
U.S. Tax George E. Huffman III 37
Green Marcia Squier 30
N. Law John Howard Wilhelm 19

U.S. Representative 1st District (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Jack Bergman 2,513
Dem Matthew W. Morgan 1,155

36th District State Senator (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Jim Stamas 2,547
Dem Joe Weir 1,068

105th District State Representative (Results include only those in Oscoda County)
Rep Triston Cole 2,464
Dem Melissa Fruge 1,093

State Proposal 18-1
Yes 1,798
No 1,935

State Proposal 18-2
Yes 1,701
No 1,904

State Proposal 18-3
Yes 1,904
No 1,743

Road Commissioner
Rep Tom Siegler 2,973
Unresolved Write-in 82

County Commissioner District 1
Rep Chuck Varner 516
Unresolved Write-in 47

County Commissioner District 2
Rep Tom McCauley 714
Unresolved Write-in 19

County Commissioner District 3
Rep Jackie Bondar 492
Unresolved Write-in 18

County Commissioner District 4
Rep Kyle M. Yoder 621
Unresolved Write-in 12

County Commissioner District 5
Rep Libby Marsh 579
Unresolved Write-in 18

Probate Court Judge
Casandra Morse-Bills 2,147
Kathleen Solomon 1,349
Unresolved Write-in 15

Mentor Township Trustee
George Kerschenheither 345
Unresolved Write-in 13

Board Trustees Member For Kirtland Community College
Amy Knepp 2,167
Jack Kramer 1,463
David Patterson 1,399
Unresolved Write-in 58

Fairview Area Schools Board
Michael Alchin 606
Jon Ford 636
Merianne Tappan 695
Unresolved Write-in 13

Mio AuSable School board
Penny J. Irelan 1,260
Gerald Jackson 1,156

Roy Kronsbein 577
Cheryl La Vigne 930
Unresolved Write-in 36

Emergency Medical Services Operation Millage
Yes 2,155
No 1,506

Big Creek Township Fire Millage
Yes 800
No 374

COOR Intermediate School District
Kathryn Fuelling 1,107
Melissa G. Hayes 1,444

M. Lynda Marek 1,015
Kara Mularz 1,050
Unresolved Write-in 66


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