Mystery Solved: Lone Pine Lodge rightful owner found


COMINS TWP. — In last week’s edition of the Herald, Patrick Wood was looking for the rightful owner of a sign his dad had swiped from a friend in a prank. Ed Smigowski of Comins Township contacted the paper to clear up the mystery. 

“I opened up the paper, saw the picture, read that article and knew exactly what it was talking about,” said Smigowski. “I know the solution to that mystery...I’m the guy you are looking for.”

Smigowski explained that the sign originally belonged to Jesse Furbush, who owned the property known as Lone Pine Lodge. Furbush and Wood’s father were good friends, and the sign was taken as an incentive to get Furbush to come to the Upper Peninsula to go fishing on the Fox River. Furbush needed the extra incentive as he had a bridge phobia. Sadly, he passed away before he ever got the chance to get up to the UP to get his sign back and to go fishing. 

“Furbush and Patrick Wood’s father knew each other because they both lived in Holly,” said Smigowski.”Furbush was the Standard Oil man down there and that’s probably how he could buy that (Lone Pine Lodge) property up here.”

Smigowski contacted Patrick Wood and filled him on everything he knew about the sign as well as some history about the Lone Pine Lodge. Wood told Smigowski that he was going to bring him the sign so that once again the Lone Pine Lodge would be reunited with its sign.  After Furbush passed away, his nephew bought the property and now Smigowski is the current owner. 

“I know a lot of the history of this place from some of the neighbors like Denton and Ethyl Jones,”said Smigowski. “There’s no one living on this road anymore that would know any of the history of this place...and, when I saw the paper looking for the current owner, I just couldn’t believe it, I am the one Patrick (Wood) was looking for.”


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