August 18, 2019

Mio student count stays steady

Superintendent confident in funding


MIO — Mio AuSable’s student count this fall saw no significant increase or decrease from the previous school year.

Superintendent Paul Ciske said the school is sitting at roughly 530 students. He said the school budgeted for having 525 students, so he is not stressed about the school’s financial situation.

“I’m confident we have the resources to get through the year,” Ciske said. “There’s always some challenges, but based on our funding we’re looking good.”

Altogether the school is projected to have $5.6 million to work with over the next school year. Roughly $4 million of that comes from the student count.

The school’s student count has not seen drastic changes in recent years. Ciske said while it would be nice to have more students, staying steady is better than seeing significant decreases.

“We’ve been pretty steady for a few years,” Ciske said. “If you go back about eight years we were losing quite a few students. Obviously we would like to see it increase, but there isn’t a big influx of families to the area.”

One thing Ciske said he will be watching for is an increase in the number of elementary-level students. He said this year the kindergarten and first-grade classes are slightly bigger than usual, which may bode well for the future.

The schools initial student count information was sent to COOR ISD Oct. 3. The final count including all special education and dual enrolled students was due to the state by the ISD Nov. 7.


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