February 25, 2020

Fairview Area Schools spending $17,000 on security upgrades

Receiving panic button, multiple security cameras for blindspots


FAIRVIEW — Fairview Area Schools will be spending $17,000 on security upgrades for the facility, including a handful of new security cameras and an intercom system.

Superintendent John Sattler said the money for the security updates will not be coming out of the general fund.

“When we passed the last sinking fund, we wrote it in a way that we would be able to use it for security upgrades,” he said.

At the July 8 school board meeting Sattler gave a brief summary of what the school would receive for its money. The first thing mentioned was the addition of 5 security cameras around the building that will put eyes where the system had blindspots previously. The school will be installing four external and one internal camera. In total the school will have 32 cameras. The school will also be upgrading its server room, increasing the number of camera able to run simultaneously to a total of 34.

The school will also be receiving a new intercom system that will allow the people in the office to speak to those outside of the building, and unlock the main doors remotely. At the meeting Sattler also said the school will be getting two panic buttons that will allow office staff to lock down the building and get in immediate contact with Oscoda County dispatch in the event of an emergency. In addition to calling dispatch, once pressed, the button will immediately begin recording audio and video for evidence.

Sattler said these upgrades will be good for the school, further increasing students safety.


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