October 23, 2019

EMS director receives positive review from commissioners

Results in $1,000 raise


MIO — A six-month review of the new emergency medical services director resulted in a $1,000 pay raise at the June 12 board of commissioners meeting.

The review of Director Bob Hunter was conducted by Commissioners Chuck Varner and Jackie Bondar, as they are the board liaisons to the EMS. Varner said he and Bondar are in contact with Hunter on a regular basis and are happy with his performance.

“We actually meet quite regularly with Bob, so we know the majority of changes he’s made, positive changes,” Varner said. “We have an EMS service that is very busy right now, and they are fully staffed. That was the main thing I was looking out for.”

While he was not involved in the review, Chairman Kyle Yoder spoke of how he is also proud to have Hunter in the position.

“Knowing if someone in my family needs to call an ambulance, that you would be there heading it up gives me peace of mind,” Yoder said.

During discussion Varner spoke of how he was pleasantly surprised by the abilities of the EMS personnel the previous weekend during the Nor-East’r Music and Art Festival. He said at one point a performer fell off the stage due to a heart attack. Once the call to 911 was made, it took less than two minutes for the service to be on scene. Within that time an off-duty paramedic also stepped forward to gain control of the situation as assistance was on its way.

“His life was saved by the efforts of a lot of people, but mainly because of the efficiency of the EMS,” Varner said.

After the review Hunter thanked the commissioners for their continued support, noting that while it was trying at times, he’s proud of the improvements the service has made during his tenure.

“It took six months, but we’re getting there,” Hunter said. “When I took the job I said it wouldn’t be an overnight change. We’ve still got some things to do, but we’re getting there.”

Hunter’s salary was raised from $44,500 to $45,500 as a result of the review.


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