November 21, 2019

EDC Board restructures to require fewer members


MIO — The Oscoda County Board of Commissioners restructured the county Economic Development Corporation board to consist of fewer members than it was previously required to have.

At the June 11 county commissioners meeting Chairman Kyle Yoder, who is also a member of the EDC board, said the group has had difficulty in reaching a quorum at it’s recent meetings. As the board consisted of 11-members, a quorum of at least 7 was required to conduct the meeting.

“It’s gone back and forth with the number of members,” Yoder said. “For a couple of meetings now we haven’t been able to conduct business because we don’t have a quorum.”

In an attempt to rectify the situation Yoder suggested the commissioners vote to remove two of the open seats on the board, bringing the total to 9-members. In doing so the EDC board would then only require 5 members to be present for a quorum, which is the number they’ve been able to consistently reach.

Nobody was removed from a position on the EDC board in this decision as the two seats that were removed from the board were already empty. After a short discussion the commissioners voted unanimously to reduce the number of EDC board members from 11 to 9.


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