December 6, 2019

Despite second mailer featuring logo, Herald is not endorsing judge candidate

Previous request ignored by probate judge candidate


OSCODA COUNTY — Oscoda County Probate Judge candidate Kathleen Solomon ignored a previous request by the Oscoda County Herald to stop using its logo and likeness in her political propaganda.

Solomon’s campaign again blanketed the county this week recently with a mailer featuring the Herald’s logo that could lead some to believe the paper is endorsing her candidacy. The campaign sent out the same mailer a month prior, which the Herald previously addressed.

Publisher Liz Gorske spoke to Solomon via telephone earlier this month and expressed the paper’s objection to her use of our logo. At the time, Solomon claimed she had not seen it and would look into it. Solomon has yet to speak to the publisher since the first mailing.

“In the interest of copyright fair use the content within the profile we do not object to,” Gorske said. “However, the placement of our copyrighted logo above the content to make it appear as our endorsement is not ethical.”

“Someone running for the position of judge should display better ethics,” Gorske continued. “As the county newspaper, we would hope any person running for an elected position displays good ethics.”

In the interest of fairness and objectivity, the Herald typically does not endorse local political candidates.

“The purpose of the newspaper in an election is to provide readers with the information needed to make an educated decision,” said Managing Editor Eric Young. “We are not here to tell voters how they should vote. Our role is that of an impartial source of information, and endorsing any particular candidate would go against that goal.”

Solomon’s advertisement shows her answer to the candidate profiles that are mailed out to each contested candidate with a copy of the Herald’s logo above.

Solomon did not request permission to use the logo, and the Herald did not supply the logo to her.

The candidate profiles were printed in the July 25 edition of the Oscoda County Herald. Another set of candidate profiles for contested candidates ran in the Oct. 24 issue.


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Benjamin Franklin

I saw the Solomon flier with the Herald logo. Unlike the Herald’s opinion regarding Solomon possibly hi-jacking the logo, I didn’t see the implied endorsement at all (until I read this article).

On the other hand I did see how the Herald (with its logo) ensured that Larry Wilson’s two different front cover photos did make him look like a felon. Gee, it wasn’t a coincidence that he also lost by 3 votes.

So if the Herald wants to remain non-partisan then it shouldn’t pick sides but it seems in this case, they did.

Friday, November 2, 2018 | Report this
Benjamin Franklin

I believe in freedom of the press. I also believe in a media that allows for the free exchange of ideas.

In this election season in our small county. I can now argue that the Herald doesn't live up to that standard.

Friday, November 2, 2018 | Report this

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