February 20, 2020

Despite new siding, Fairview Food Market still closed


FAIRVIEW — While on the outside Fairview Food Market may look brand new, the inside of the store is still not ready to reopen.

The store was severely damaged early last month when a collision between two semi-trailers in downtown Fairview sent one of them through the side of the store. While no one was injured in the accident or the cleanup that followed, the store suffered extensive damage.

Store owner Dan Swartzendruber told the Herald previously that the roof and structure of the building were severely damaged, with the upper half of the building angled from the impact.

Before the accident occurred, the store was in the midst of having the building’s siding and installing a new digital sign on its facade. Swartzendruber said as the store was already in the process of replacing the siding, they would finish the job they started as they figured out what to do with the inside.

Swartzendruber said as of now, he is still weighing his options as to what to do with the store, and there has not yet been a course of action decided. Previously he said the hope was that they would not have to tear the building down and rebuild from scratch. Shortly after the accident happened in June, his estimate was that there would be at least six months before the store is reopened.


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