December 7, 2019

County opens Kurtz Road to ORV traffic


OSCODA COUNTY — The Oscoda County commissioners voted to amend the county ORV ordinance to allow riders to travel along a section of Kurtz Road that was previously closed to that type of traffic.

A motion to amend the ordinance was initiated by Commissioner Tom McCauley and seconded by Commissioner Chuck Varner at the May 14 county meeting. The discussion was a continuation of a conversation that began in late April when a resident brought a petition to the commissioners asking for the road to be opened for ORV use.

Chairman Kyle Yoder said the road was originally closed to ORVs due to a horse stable that was located on the street.

“From what I’ve looked into, there does not seem to be a reason that it is closed now,” Yoder said. “Originally it was closed for a stable, but that is permanently closed.”

Roughly 1,100 feet of Kurtz Road were opened to riders with this amendment. Yoder said technically this motion reverts the ORV ordinance back to its original state for this road, as all county roads of this type were open to ORV traffic originally.

The new ordinance goes into effect immediately; however, residents have 50 days from the initial publication of the amendment to challenge it with a petition of at least 20 percent of county residents.


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