November 21, 2019

County embarks on trial campaign to advertise local recreation opportunities


MIO — The Oscoda County Commissioners voted to set aside $650 to pay for a new campaign that will advertise local recreation opportunities to residents and visitors across the county.

The original idea for the program came when the county Parks and Recreation committee met in an attempt to figure out a way to showcase the outdoor opportunities in Oscoda County. The final idea the group settled on was to create a digital advertising campaign that would run on televisions at businesses around the county.

During discussion the group stumbled upon a Northeast Michigan Council of Governments grant that would have paid for the campaign. Yoder said the county did not receive that grant.

“Unfortunately we weren’t successful, it was a very competitive grant.” Yoder said. “I think there was about $60,000 to distribute, and over $100,000 being asked for.”

Although the grant was not received, the commissioners agreed that the idea still had value. Due to that the commissioners decided to set aside money to pay for a single television and labor to get the initial program up and running. It will be placed at the county park campground and will act as a trial run for the advertising campaign.

Yoder said the plan is still in the early stages, and there has not yet been a decision on how much the county will charge to be a part of it. He said he does not expect the charge to be large, noting that it is not meant to be a source of income for the county, but rather a public service for the county.


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