November 21, 2019

Commissioners refuse equalization director’s attempt to rescind resignation

He will not be reapplying for the position


MIO — The county board did not allow former Equalization Director Casey Guthrie to rescind his resignation at the June 12 commissioners meeting.

The situation originated when Guthrie submitted his resignation letter to the county May 23. In the letter Guthrie stated he would be taking a job closer to home and that his final day working for the county would be June 20. As of now Guthrie drives more than an hour to and from work every day. The county commissioners accepted his resignation.

Five days after the acceptance of his resignation, Guthrie said he spoke to Commissioners Chuck Varner and Jackie Bondar about staying with the county. At that meeting Varner and Bondar told Guthrie he would need to rescind his resignation to possibly retain his position.

Later that day Guthrie sent out a second letter to the county rescinding his resignation, with additional caveats included. Varner said he and Bondar never discussed the additional caveats that Guthrie added onto the letter.

Guthrie requested that he be changed from a full-time to a part-time employee, working only Tuesday through Thursday. He also requested that his salary remain unchanged at $52,000 annually and that he be paid any vacation or paid time off hours he’d accrued to that point. In the letter he said he believes his salary should remain the same “due to the additional responsibilities of 911 Addressing and Geographical Information System Mapping.”

Guthrie ended the letter by saying his terms are not open to discussion.

“These two requests are not negotiable because I know a new director would request an amount much more than what I am requesting.”

At the June 12 meeting Guthrie and the commissioners discussed his letter rescinding his resignation. The consensus of the commissioners was they were caught off guard by the terms he requested. Guthrie said that was not his intent.

“I’m pretty sure it caught a lot of people off guard, but that was not my intent,” Guthrie said. “I’ve got the best of both worlds in front of me. Staying here would be great, but going there to be closer to home would also be great.”

The commissioners agreed that they were not comfortable with the terms Guthrie had set.

“I don’t think I can accept this letter as it stands, but that is up to the board,” Chairman Kyle Yoder said.

“I don’t think three days per week, at that rate, is going to work for me,” Varner said.

The commissioners voted unanimously to deny Guthrie’s attempt to rescind his resignation. Following the vote, the commissioners said they are not closing the door on Guthrie, and are open to negotiating his return to the county if he reapplies for the position.

After the meeting Guthrie said he would not reapply for the job.


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