Youth In Government

Over the course of a fourday period in February, five students — Rayne Larrison, Lauren Bauman, Brena Rondo, Lily Gusler, and Kaleb Wright — attended Michigan Youth in Government (MYIG) in Lansing, a program of the State Alliance of Michigan YMCAs. The students attended monthly meetings and a one-day Fall Conference in Traverse City to prepare for the Lansing Spring Conference in which they participated in a mock government. Each student was assigned a role. In this case, three of our students were Representatives and two were Senators. They prepared and submitted bills relevant to the State of Michigan prior to the event — two of our delegates’ bills recommended curriculum revisions to the public education system — which were then discussed, debated, and amended in congressional committees of which they were each a part. Bills passed in committee were then permitted attention on the Chamber floors for further debate and amendment.

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