Delights of gardening

As I sit in the garden enjoying a moment of rest, I savor the sunshine, the gentle spring breeze, and the smell of dug earth. I see green, growing things all around me: the trees have unfurled their new leaves against a bright blue sky, and regiments of tulips and daffodils reveal their kaleidoscope of colors. The pink and white crab apple blossoms are about to burst into full bridal array, and the lilacs, the pinnacle of spring beauty, are in bud. I take stock, not only of the garden, but of my winter-slack body, noting that everything from my neck to the soles of my feet seems to hurt. Pain can often be a part of gardening, especially as we get older. But gardeners take it in stride, knowing well the many rewards to come. Nowhere is hard work paid off more beautifully, or more deliciously, than in a garden.

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