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Died November 2, 2020

Marty Dahl left this earth on Monday, November 2, 2020, in the ‘little house on the hill’ in Fairview where his parents and grandparents had lived and where his mother and grandfather also passed on.  

He was born July 10, 1955 in Detroit as the third son of Hilda (Rogers) Dahl and Chris Dahl. Marty had an infectious energy and passion, a brilliant mind, a generous heart and a restless soul. His life was full of contrasts: he loved home, family and friends yet was unsettled most of his life until he returned to Fairview fifteen years ago. He was a brilliant programmer and technician in the early days of computer-assisted machinery and worked around the world. He loved making music with friends and strangers. He didn’t mind sharing his opinion about almost anything and his thoughts were well informed by his wide-ranging readings and experiences. Yet he more enjoyed listening to others. Marty was familiar with suffering his whole life and fearlessly did his best. He generously attended to his father at his passing and lived with and cared for and protected his mother through her long illness. 

He is survived by brothers, Roger and Milton and their families, by his treasured aunt, Jo Kauffman and many cousins and friends, near and far. 

Arrangements by Lashley Funeral Home, Mio.