County tire recycling event returning


MIO — The annual county tire recycling event will be coming back in mid-October.

Commissioner Jack Kischnick brought up the event at the Sept. 25 board of commissioners meeting. He said it was very successful last year and resulted in multiple semi-trailers worth of tires being taken out of the county. Kischnick suggested leftover money that was set aside for the event last year be used to support the event this year. That amounts to approximately $4,000.

Commissioner Pat Kelly said he thinks the event is a good idea, but questioned why the county is footing the bill.

“We have a lot of townships,” Kelly said. “Why aren’t they contributing to this?”

Kischnick said the townships have money set aside to help deal with tire recycling in their own area, but this is a countywide effort. He said while the townships do not have to help with the event, last year three did contribute.

The board voted unanimously to use the leftover money to fund this year’s event. The money originally came out of the landfill budget.

Kischnick said there is not a date set in stone for the event yet. He said it will probably be held at last year’s location, the Tri-Town Fire Department, because it worked so well before.


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