No Halloween curfew for county trick-or-treaters


OSCODA COUNTY — Trick-or-treaters in Oscoda County don’t need to worry about Halloween curfews while going door to door in the community.

According to Oscoda County Sheriff Kevin Grace, the county has not established any set trick-or-treating hours in the time he has been with the Sheriff Department.

“We leave that up to the businesses and the parents,” he said.

Grace said local townships do not have any ordinances in place with regard to trick-or-treating hours either. He said the hours children go trick-or-treating on Halloween usually depends on their age.

“A lot of times, the kids go out when it’s daylight, and the older crowd goes out after dark,” he said.

Grace said children who are trick-or treating should wear customes that are visible, and try to go in areas which are well-lit. He also said children should travel in groups when out for Halloween, and be careful when crossing streets.

“We caution drivers to be on the lookout for kids, and parents and kids to be on the lookout for cars.”

Grace also advised parents to inspect their children’s trick-or-treat bags for any abnormal-looking items. He said parents are welcome to stop by the Sheriff Office to have their children’s bags inspected, even though the department does not have any scanning equipment.

“I would caution (parents) to look over anything the kids may get,” he said. “I would dispose of anything that looks suspicious.”



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